Our Story

Vintage photo of NFL coach Don Shula posing with bronze bust of his likeness.

The Shula’s story

Established in 1989, Shula’s Steak House began with the legacy of Coach Don Shula. Our goal was to build a reputation to match the standards set by one of the greatest and most celebrated coaches in NFL history. We’ve since taken this goal and ran with it, launching a range of restaurants and social venues under the Shula name, and carving out a legacy in hospitality of our very own.

It doesn’t matter if you’re coaching an undefeated football team, or grilling up the perfect porterhouse – excellence is a way of life, and it’s central to everything we do.

Insprired by Coach

Vintage photo of smiling Don Shula in yellow sports coat holding Superbowl trophy.

Coach Don Shula is an American sports legend, best known for leading his team to the only perfect season in NFL history. With 347 victories in his career, Coach knew exactly what it took to be the best, and it is his philosophy which guides us to this day. Coach Shula’s talent, tenacity, and consistent attention to detail meant that his only real compettition was himself.

Vintage photo of serious Don Shula standing on sidelines while coaching a Miami Dolphins game and wearing aqua team jacket.
Photo of older Don Shula smiling and posing with a group of seven smiling U.S. Army soldiers in an indoor setting.

Our Values

“Strive for perfection, but settle for excellence.” – Coach Don Shula

This core belief has helped us to become established as the powerhouse we are today, quite simply because we have never wavered from it. We pursue perfection because we’re willing to put in the work to get there. To expect any less is to do a disservice to ourselves. Perfection is a standard we believe we are capable of meeting – and one that our guests, our partners, and our team members deserve.

Staying focused on the goal, considering every detail and never compromising, yet knowing when to call an audible. It’s these values that separate the good from the great, and we walk our talk. Eating is one of life’s greatest pleasures, and we don’t believe you should settle for less.